what we fucking want!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I cant figure out how to add mine to yours and make them look different!! Here is what we came up with the other night:

Has goals
Makes more money than me (I know - there is a reason for this)
Has wooing skills
Enjoys going out
Excellent sense of humor
Has a spine
Excels at the sex
Well groomed
Reasonable relationship expectations (no proposals after 2 dates)
Again with the excelling at sex
Gets along with my family/friends (or can pretend at least)

We worked out a percentage system:
Meets 50% of criteria = fuck buddy
Meets 75% of criteria = long term potential
Meets 100% of criteria = probably doesn't exist, but if so then qualifies for 'other' which may or may not include marriage

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

we'll see if we can make this work

i'm going to start off with 5 sections:

  1. the ideal relationship
  2. he/she'd better have...
  3. it'd be nice if he/she had...
  4. sigh, things that are annoying but that i will tolerate
  5. fucking deal-breakers
if anyone would like to add another section, feel free to do so. i'm thinking we can do this like a list and just keep editing/re-editing the 5 sections. each of us can pick a colour or something if we want. i am totally pulling this out of my ass right now so suggestions are welcome.

check out what i've started with so far and remember this is a really rough draft. and the colour was just random, i'm not digging the green either.



1) the ideal relationship...

  1. i can't even begin to imagine right now...

2) he/she'd better have...

  1. a job
  2. a kick ass sense of humour (and think i'm the goddamn funniest thing ever)

3) it'd be nice if he/she had...

  1. a car
  2. some savings
  3. some knowledge of how to cook

4) sigh....things that are annoying as hell but that i will tolerate with the right person

  1. crappy taste in music (as long as he doesn't make fun of mine!)
  2. an unhealthy love of slapstick humour
  3. lateness (depending on how bad this is, it could be a deal-breaker)

5) Fucking deal-breakers

  1. drugs (pot, hash, coke, etc.) -been there, done that.
  2. performance-enhancing drugs, including asthma steroids used for the inappropriate puropse, ephedrine, etc. -fucking never thought i'd have to say this
  3. smokers (cigarettes, cigars, whatever)
  4. homophobes
  5. racists